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Private Investigator  and close protection supplier based in London offering services across the South East & UK.

We’re Soteria07, a specialist company delivering affordable covert surveillance, investigations, Security Consultancy & Close Protection solutions based near London, UK. Member of Security Institute and International Foundation for Protection Officers ( IFPO).

Our covert investigations encompass evidential retrieval, integrity and chain of custody. All photography obtained is of the highest quality using the most modern photographic platforms available and our surveillance operatives are experts in the field having deployed on high profile and high risk operations throughout the UK on behalf of UK police services.

We have provided surveillance solutions and security to UK regulatory agencies, UK companies as well as private individuals.

Close Protection. We communicate with clients to ensure clear understanding of the challenges  faced and what poses a risk to them or leaves them exposed or vulnerable. By providing workable and efficient solutions we can mitigate against risk leaving the client to carry on as normally as is possible. We are experienced in offering a range of services and acting as a private security consultants.

Employing former police and military personnel for covert surveillance, investigation and Close Protection services you can be assured of the most experienced and comprehensive service available. All staff are vetted and we pride ourselves on client confidentiality.

We are based near London and can work across the UK. 

We are GDPR complaint and sign Non-Disclosure agreements on all deployments.

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Last six months

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After the client was contacted by police to advise him that they were at risk from a third party, Soteria07 deployed to to trace and locate the suspect. Using the latest available investigative methods and covert surveillance the team deployed to evidence place of residence, places frequented and any criminality the suspect was involved in developing a full evidential package the client could deliver to the police..

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After many months of suspicious activity, this client decided to work with the professionals at Soteria07 to get to the bottom of an Infidelity Case where one partner was suspected of providing the courts with inaccurate information.After a brief consultation meeting, it was clear that some very minor changes in the investigation process would quickly and accurately provide the client with all the answers they were looking for. We were right - this case was solved in less than two months, and justice was served.



Deploying in support of another company on a contract basis we assisted a Government department identify and evidence criminality around controlled drugs. We provided high quality images to support the evidence gathered along with statements leading to the arrest and prosecution of a number of individuals.



Using our experienced covert surveillance operators and private investigators we deployed in support of a large law firm who suspected that a person ,who was going through the judicial process, may abscond from bail leading to substantial financial losses to the claimant. We were able to locate and monitor the subject and highlight any efforts to conceal finances.



Close Protection

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Deployed one operative to provide close protection to a company executive who had received threats to their life. Risk assessed threat, deployed and maintained safety.

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Deployed one officer on a contract basis to an event with International exposure to provide close protection. Security maintained, public image and reputation upheld.

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Welcome to Soteria07. Our motto is 'Excellence through Experience'. Training courses and accreditations are fine but experience in an operational environment is key to providing the best service to clients and achieving objectives. We only use former Police and Military specialists who have a proven operational background in either covert surveillance or close protection. Using a tiered approach to each deployment we create a solution based on the clients demands offering a truly unique, bespoke service at affordable prices. Our aim is to achieve what you need us to in a timely and cost effective manner whilst upholding the highest standards. If you want the most comprehensive solution look no further.




Founded Soteria07 following 30 year career with the Metropolitan Police where he served on specialist crime units as Detective Sergeant. An expert in surveillance, counter surveillance and investigations leading from the front with enthusiasm. Has vast experience of working on CT and threat to life operations. Member of the Security Institute. Close Protection trained and member of International Foundation for Protection Officers. Certified Situation Awareness Specialist, National Protection Driver, Security Threat Manager, Instructor, Security Manager, Surveillance Team Leader

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Surveillance Operative Team Leader

DR served with the Metropolitan Police for 30 years on various specialist units working as an investigator, surveillance operative and surveillance trainer. An expert in the field and has worked on many high profile assignments often in challenging, hostile environments.

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Surveillance Operative Team Leader

A highly experienced and versatile operator with former police experience dealing with major crime. Has worked on counter terrorism cases and threat to life operations where his decision making skills ensured operational success.



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