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We offer to work as a Private Investigator & offer Covert Surveillance Services in Crawley and the surrounding areas

We’re Soteria07, a specialist security company delivering affordable residential security  services across the UK.

Our covert surveillance services can be tailored towards your exact needs. We offer covert surveillance for both private & commercial matters. We work discreetly and ensure we have a full understand of your requirements before starting any service. 

We use cutting edge technology to gather intelligence. Our specialist and experience staff can work on complex investigations and will provide you with usable evidence. 

We use our past experience to manage and execute all of our covert surveillance services. We specialise in investigation, security & surveillance. We can tailor a full security package to suit your needs. We offer these service to individuals & businesses in Crawley and the surrounding areas.   

View our list of most popular security services below or contact us with your requirements for a free quote. 

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What is Covert Surveillance?

Surveillance is classed as covert if it is done via a manner that leaves the subject or subjects in question unware it is or has taken place. 

Our Surveillance and Investigation staff are experts in the field and our Close Protection Officers are SIA accredited. We are discreet and pride ourselves on delivering results in Crawley, the South East and across the UK. We take our role as a private security consultant very seriously and only offer the top level of service. 



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